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Mobile apps and web service developers

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Why us?
Product Teams
Your project will not be one of dozens in the studio's pipeline.
Business process analysis
We identify processes engaged, visualize them in diagrams, and suggest ways to optimize your dealings via apps.
Service lifetime guarantee
If something breaks due to our negligence, we will always fix it.
The Xdev.team
Since 2015, we have been creating and developing web and mobile applications. Our team of 31 computer geeks includes: web apps developers, native Android and iOS mobile app developers, Flutter based cross-platform app builders, Python backend developers, professional designers.

Xdev.team projects are complex, highly loaded systems with a distributed structure and integration with many third-party services. We implement top notch technologies with excellent efficiency and reliability, perform check-ups on projects for their information security and fault tolerance. In every project, our goal is not only submitting it to the customer on-time, but also to support it and further develop for perpetual growth. We do not "build websites", but develop complex, multi-component web services for your business advancement.

Our team members are regular participants of IT conferences on app development. We strive for professional growth, and follow global trends in-touch with the worldwide community.
We create for any mobile device
Our expertise is based on creating mobile apps for any type of mobile devices or operating system.
Technical Specifications and Project Documentation
We start by analyzing your business, dig into its goals to have a clearer picture for whom and what we are creating this product.

Solving business issues
At the beginning of the journey, we must always understand the task we are asked to solve, what metrics to influence and what results we need to achieve.
Services which are convenient to use
We carefully think through all the interface elements, study user scenarios to make a product that will give only positive emotions.
We have extensive experience in integrating the new products we create with the current software your business already uses.
Publication and maintenance
After we release your product, we'll continue to backup, support and develop it.
Do you already have a Technical Specification, or running service, or just an idea?
If you already have the tech spec and project documentation, send us your files and we will contact you after reviewing
We will study your request and get in touch with you within 24 hours.
Our projects
We create projects for different industries and business areas. Listed below are several areas of applications to demonstrate what we can do for you.
In the realms of global international trade turnover, there is an urgent need to aggregate all steps of the cargo transportation process. XDEVteam studio has come up with a way to combine security, convenience, minimum timeframes and favorable conditions for all parties.

The Taxiaggregator's main function is to make instant payments to drivers. Beyond that, we created a functionality to make this process as simple and convenient as possible for both the driver and the taxi company.
Our application for high school students helps them to determine their future profession.
WineMarket is a Winery on the web in a broad sense, both as a personal sommelier for customers and a platform for Vintners and wine merchants at the same time.
We love coffee
A coffee drinks service.
Technology Stack
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